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Carestream Dentals


Along with our partner Carestream Dental, we bring you the most advanced, yet flexible range of Dental imaging systems and practice management solutions on the market.

For your traditional imaging needs, we offer a range of easy-to-use equipment that is designed for maximum comfort and safety. From low-dose panoramic exams to one-shot cephalometric images, our systems provide everything you need to work more efficiently and improve patient care.

Discover the 3D difference, the perfect complement to traditional two-dimensional images, 3D imaging provides all the information you need to make an accurate diagnosis,  while delivering the high image quality and resolution you expect from Carestream Dental imaging systems.

Products such as Intraoral Cameras (CS 1200/1500/1600), X-Ray units (CS2100/CS2200), Digital Intraoral Radiography (RVG 5100/6100/6500), Computed Radiography (CS 7400/CS 7600), Digital Extra-oral radiography (CS8000C/CS8100/CS9000/CS9300) systems, Cone Beam CT’s (CBCT) and software such as CDIS/LOGICON/COMMUINICATOR are all available in the Carestream Dental portfolio offered by JNC International Ltd