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JNC International offers a comprehensive range of X-Ray systems from two market leaders in radiographic technology: One of which is Carestream Health, USA (formally Kodak).

Carestream’s AscendTM floor-mounted X-Ray system is ideal for busy Radiology Departments or specialized Orthopaedic practices. It comes with a range of Bucky table options of a freestanding tube stand that eliminates the cost and time involved in installing ceiling mounted rails, and can also be used in facilities that cannot support a ceiling-mounted system. The 500KW, 3 PHASE ODYSSEYTM generator option is designed to minimize radiation dose and exposure time while maximizing image quality. Automated control settings allow users to select various imaging parameters quickly, and software options ensure the per-patient examination time is reduced to maximize patient throughput.


For those Radiology facilities that want to upgrade to the digital age, there are now a number of options available from Carestream and Toshiba.

Carestream produce a range of Computed Radiography (CR) systems that integrate with existing modalities (e.g. analogue X-Ray systems) to produce high quality, digital images at an affordable price. Digital imaging improves operator productivity; reduce the time between scans and leads to quicker diagnoses as images appear within seconds. With multiple software options and an integrated console on the Carestream CR system, you could choose to continue to print on film using the laser printers offered, or never print on film again. Images can either be viewed on the workstation, copied or storage devices or transmitted via internet. The systems can be used at the point of care or at a central location receiving images from multiple modalities, to accommodate different and scalable levels of patient throughput.

Full digitization options are now also a cost-effective option, with Carestream and Toshiba offering fully digital, floor and ceiling-mounted radiography systems, the DRX-EvolutionTM and RadrexTM, respectively. In addition, Carestream have a range of mobile digital systems including the industry’s only “drivable” X-Ray system with a fully automated and collapsible column, the DRX-EvolutionTM, and the world’s first wireless, cassette-sized detector, the DRX-1TM.

Vitaflex CR is specifically designed to deliver high quality digital images to speed up work flow and improve patirnt care. It has a compact and flexible footprint that can fit into smaller spaces

The Classic CR System is customized to streamline workflow for higher productivity and patient throughput. It is enabled to print Digital X-ray and Mammography images.