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Do you organize in-depth training for doctors and nurses?

Yes. We provide post sales training programs and regular stand-alone clinical workshops and seminars for doctors and nurses.

Can you offer trainings, after-sales services and maintenance contract for equipment not purchased from your company?

Yes. This is possible, provided the equipment is from one of our Franchise partner. However, this will be done based on certain criteria on a case by case basis.

Do you have engineers located in other regions other than Lagos who can quickly attend to after-sales service?

Yes. We have biomedical engineers located in all the geo-political zones of Nigeria

Do you deliver and install equipment in other countries?

We have currently began to expand our reach to the West African Sub region.

Do you assist with providing financing for procurement of medical equipment or development and completion of a hospital project?

We do not provide financing for equipment or projects. However, we have multiple financing partners – both local and international – who may be willing to meet your financial need(s).

How can I make a technical support request?

Kindly click on this link to make your enquiry/request: clientservices@jnciltd.com

Can I trade in my old Digitizer for a new one?

Not at the moment, unless your Digitizer is/has been on our Maintenance Contract and we have a health centre/hospital ready to receive the equipment.