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Metaltronica commenced in 1977 as a manufacturer of radiology equipment. We rapidly became known for our dynamism and the numerous innovations that differentiate our devices. Very early we decided to concentrate all our activities in the field of diagnostic imaging, with a particular focus on mammography equipment.

The turning point at domestic and international level came in 1988, with the major commercial success of Europe’s first mammogram machine equipped with a high frequency generator (COMPACT MAMMO HF), and with the introduction of a fully automated exposure technique.

Digital mammography represents a true turning point as it spots 20% more cancer cases in an earlier stage if compared to analogue mammography. Metaltronica decided to put its R&D efforts into these new high technology examination methods that are entering the mammography field.

The R&D department comprises a team of young and experienced engineers – about 20% of all our employees. Metaltronica invests heavily in this sector: more than 7% of sales every year. This work is assisted by the market feedback received by the Sales and Support area, which is transferred immediately to the R&D department. Quality is a fundamental aspect in health sector.

That is why Metaltronica considers a moral duty and a professional responsibility to provide its customers with perfect and reliable diagnostic equipment.

The operating life of mammography system is generally very long, but they have to be always maintained in perfect conditions, hence all Metaltronica’ s engineers, technicians, sales agents and distributors are perfectly able to manage new technologies and carry out their job in the most professional way.

Metaltronica manufactures mammography devices from 1977 and up to today, it has sold and installed over 6,000 analog units worldwide. The last Lilyum series guaranties an excellent imaging technology combined with a modern, ergonomic and winning design improves efficiency and increases the standard of care.

Digital Mammography is currently the most advance technique in breast cancer detection. Metaltronica produces three different Full Field Digital Mammography Systems to meet specific demands of specialists in senology.