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Our Team

Samuel Ogbuokiri

Business Manager - XDU and Dental Solutions

Samuel Ogbuokiri is currently the Business Manager- XDU and Dental Solutions at JNC International Ltd. He has over twelve years work experience in the sales of laboratory equipment and proffering solutions in the healthcare industry. He is very skilled in medical device sales and management.

He is a sales professional with an insatiable drive for smashing sales records, developing market strategies, discovering others, interfacing with manufacturing companies to maximize sales opportunities, harnessing the skills of the sales team while championing the course of driving excellent healthcare delivery. He is very passionate about proffering healthcare solutions that are targeted at raising the banner of quality of life. He is an astute representation for following through on due process, organization, and skills development.

Samuel Ogbuokiri is an alumnus of the prestigious Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu and a chartered member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.