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Canon Medical Systems

Canon Inc. and Canon Medical Systems Corp. announced the official corporate name change of Canon Group Company, Toshiba Medical Systems Corp., to Canon Medical Systems Corp. (hereafter referred to as Canon Medical Systems).

Since joining the Canon Group in December 2016, Canon Medical Systems has been undertaking the procedures for obtaining regulatory approval for integration with the Canon Group and change of the company name under the relevant national or regional laws concerning pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Canon announced that such procedures have been completed, and that the change of the company name entered into effect as of January 4, 2018.

By maximizing the application of both Canon and Toshiba Medical’s management resources, Canon will be able to leverage Toshiba Medical’s core strength in imaging diagnostics, further reinforcing Toshiba Medical’s operational strength in its in-vitro diagnostics business and next-generation medical IT through M&A and other strategic investment, to make possible the strengthening of Canon’s biomedical business. Additionally, by making use of Canon’s business portfolio and partnerships, further progress is expected in the field of medical equipment.

A collaborated effort between Canon, with its advanced production technologies, and Toshiba Medical, with its exceptional product development capabilities, is expected to lead to further enhancing Toshiba Medical’s product strength through the provision of precision design and micro-fabrication technologies, an optimized production system and cooperation aimed at improving quality. This will not only enable the sale of price-competitive products in the market, but also contribute to the development of the health care business through the circulation of funds generated through enhanced management efficiency applied toward investing in the development of next-generation medical equipment.